How to earn money with facebook and twitter.

  • Fanslave: 

Fanslave is a site that pays you money by liking Facebook pages and following people on twitter. You earn credits in fanslave. And  200 credits are equal to 1 EUR. The minimum payout of fanslave is 15 EUR. It means that you have to earn 3000 credits to reach your 15 EUR.

  • Affiliate program:
Fanslave has a good affiliate program. You will earn 15% of what your referrals make. If your one referral makes 1000 credits then you will get 150 credits. And if you have 10 referrals then 150 * 10 = 1500 credits. You can earn more credits by referring more people. And as your balance reach 15 EUR, you can send payment request.
  • How to join fanslave:
  1. First go to this link fanslave.
  2. Complete the sign up form and then login to you account.
  3. Connect your account with facebook and twitter.
  4. Go to your account and click on facebook overview.
  5. Like some pages and click on update.
  6. Go to Your account and click on twitter overview.
  7. Follow some people and click on update.
And that is what you have to do daily. It takes just 10 minutes to do so.
Do not forget to click on update after liking facebook pages and following people on twitter.